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Frequently Asked Questions

We get it. We’re different and this will not be your average car insurance buying experience. This may raise a few questions for you. Check out our witty* and compelling responses to the most common questions we get.

*While we are witty on our website because we want you to be entertained, please know that we take your coverage and protection very serious.

General Info

Renaissance Managing General Agency, LLC, was formed in 2015 to combine insurance experts with a carefully curated pool of talent and develop an organization poised to redefine the insurance industry. We’ve built an exceptional infrastructure using pillars of technology, transparency, and credibility. We then unite with partners who share and demonstrate the same values.

The insurance industry has struggled to evolve. (Yes, it’s true.) Have you ever heard the phrase, “moving at the speed of insurance” to describe how s..l..o..w..l..y and methodical the insurance industry is? Renaissance prides itself on its turnkey operations.

Our team understands the importance of bridging years of experience to new tools, which improves practices and maximizes efficiencies, thus saving money for the organization and customer alike. Woohoo! Renaissance represents a “re-awakening” or “rebirth” for our veteran professionals but even more so for an industry that desperately needs it.

Renaissance karate chops an outdated and stagnant auto insurance model by integrating technology into its processes, which then delivers convenience to the agent and policyholder alike. In everyday life, loading web pages, obtaining quotes, and making online payments happens in microseconds yet other auto insurance policies with their complexities and fine print feel like they’re from the Stone Age.

Renaissance is committed to you having a seamless experience as you easily protect your car and the loved ones who ride in it. Jargon-free. Easy-to-understand coverage. Scout’s honor.

Renaissance auto insurance can be purchased through your local agent. We only partner with agents who meet a high standard of experience and customer service. Our agents ROCK! Seriously.

Renaissance auto insurance is currently available in South Florida. Contact us if you would like our product in your area.

An insurance company rating is determined by an independent agency (you may have heard of agencies like A.M. Best) based on an insurance carrier’s financial strength, We partner with only the highest rated carriers and reinsurers who have the resources and ability to pay its policy holders’ claims.

Auto Policies

Your auto policy coverage information can be found by signing into your Renaissance policy holder portal where you can access your policy documents and view your coverage details.

Premiums are calculated individually for each policyholder and are based on a number of different factors including your driving history, recent claims, where you live and information about how you use your auto.

Yes, you can! To increase coverage, add drivers, or make additional changes go to your Renaissance policy holder portal, contact your insurance agent or send us a chat to get the process started.

Oh no!! Please don’t go! If there are changes we could make to your policy to rethink your decision to cancel, we will do everything we can to assist. You can cancel your policy by contacting your Renaissance insurance agent. Don’t worry, we can still be FB buddies.

We are grateful for your business and want to make change easy. Let your insurance agent know about your existing auto insurance policy and specify the carrier and policy holder number. Our agents can take care of informing your prior insurance about the change so you never go a day without coverage.

You can also contact your current auto insurance carrier and let them know you will be cancelling on the day your Renaissance auto insurance policy goes into effect.

Premium payments can be made in full or monthly. You can contact your Renaissance auto insurance agent to discuss additional payment options or for more details. Payments can be made online through the policy holder portal by credit card, ACH withdrawal or online check. Renaissance also accepts payment by phone at (866) 784-2281.

Your insurance policy will cover you, the named insured as well as the drivers listed – for most types of coverage. We recommend that you review the terms of your individual policy with your agent to make sure you are covered.

Renaissance requires all household residents older than 15 years of age to be listed, including spouses and partners. You will have the option to exclude drivers.

No, at this time, Renaissance only offers personal auto insurance policies. Not sure if you are ride sharing or car sharing? If you use apps like Flightcar or GetAround to share your vehicle, kind of like a car rental service, then you are car sharing. If you use your vehicle to offer ride services through apps like Uber or Lyft, then you are ride sharing. Using your car this way requires its own specialized insurance coverage and is not eligible for coverage through Renaisance.

If you’re the victim of a break-in, first check your auto policy to see if you have Other Than Collision coverage (also known as Comprehensive coverage). If you do, you can see what items are covered in the event of a theft. Other Than Collision auto insurance will only cover the components and features that are permanent, pre-installed parts of the car.

It will not cover your own personal belongings left inside, such as an iPod or wallet. However, these items would likely be covered by a homeowners or renters insurance policy.

Custom parts and equipment on your auto are not covered. These include wheels and business use. Talk to your insurance agent to find out if additional custom parts coverage can be added to your policy.

Claims history and credit ratings are two factors of several that may be considered when calculating your premium. Your premium may fluctuate as these factors change.

You will receive several notices about your missed payment. We’ve made it easy for payment to be submitted online, by phone or chat. If you do not make a payment after repeated notices, we will unfortunately have to cancel your auto insurance policy. We hate to do this and want to make sure our policy holders are covered.

If you have made a payment but are still receiving notices, please contact a Renaissance insurance agent right away to ensure your payment was received and your coverage will remain in place.

Yes! Renaissance insurance agents are available to sign your renaissance auto insurance policy by phone or in person. Find your nearest agent to join the renaissance today!

A flood can easily total out a car, and the only way for your policy to cover the repairs or total loss is to carry Other Than Collision on your policy. Flood coverage is crucial if you live in a high-risk flood zone. Miami-Dade County experiences annual hurricane threats that can lead to severe flooding.

Talk to your Renaissance agent to confirm that you are covered for flood damages. Don’t wait until a hurricane is near, Renaissance may place a hold on Other Than Collision enrollments during these times.

Auto Insurance Simplified

The deductible is the amount that you will be responsible for paying for a loss before Renaissance covers the rest. Deductibles can be set with your insurance agent during your quote process. A lower deductible means you pay a smaller portion when filing a claim. Larger deductibles are sometimes preferred by policy holders to reduce the premium; however, this means that you will be responsible for a higher amount when a claim is filed.

The state of Florida requires every vehicle with four or more wheels to maintain a minimum of $10,000 property damage liability. Property Damage Liability coverage pays for damages you or listed drivers on your policy cause (and are liable for) to other people’s property in a crash involving your auto.

Florida also has a $10,000 minimum coverage limit for personal injury protection (PIP), a no fault coverage. This means that injured drivers are covered up to $10,000 in immediate medical coverage, funeral expenses and lost wages*

Bodily Injury Liability coverage pays for serious and permanent injury or death to others when you cause a crash involving your auto. The state of Florida DMV can request that you purchase BIL coverage if you’ve been in a crash or convicted of certain offenses.

*Florida PIP will pay up to 60% of lost wages subject to the policy limit.

You need to meet your minimum levels of coverage set by the state of Florida to legally drive your auto. You will need to purchase Property Damage Liability (PDL) with a minimum limit of $10,000 and a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) with a minimum limit of $10,000 to legally drive in Florida.

You can get in touch with our team via live chat, email, or phone.

Don’t see the answers you’re searching for here? Ask Veritas!


Auto insurance fraud is any attempt to cheat an insurance company in order to gain money, obtain a benefit that is not entitled, or knowingly deny a benefit that is entitled. Insurance fraud can be committed by the policyholder, another driver, a repair person or a medical professional.

Take a look at the diagram below to learn about soft fraud and hard fraud.

Measuring insurance fraud has long been an elusive target. It is prevalent across all lines of insurance (not just auto) and many fraud fighting organizations agree that the cost of fraudulent claims is at an all time high. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates, conservatively, that fraud steals about $80,000,000,000 a year. That money has to come from somewhere and each additional zero is coming out of your wallet (YIKES!).

When fraud is committed the cost you pay for your insurance increases. Remember the cost of fraud is directly passed onto you. Let’s say that again. The cost of fraud is directly passed onto you.

If you thought that “seven ate nine” were rough numbers, check these out:

For Fiscal Year 2014/2015 there were

17,392 Suspected Fraud Referrals (TIPS) to the Division of Insurance Fraud

1,590 Cases Presented for Prosecution

1,318 Arrests

1,195 Convictions

$37,980,841.83 in Restitution Requested

$51,203,744.82 in Court Ordered Restitution

You may think that committing insurance fraud doesn’t hurt anyone. You may think it only affects some fat cats who won’t know the difference.

WRONG! Each dollar that is paid towards a fraudulent claim has to come from somewhere. Typically that somewhere is from the other policyholders through an increase in their premium. (Premium? As you know premium is the amount you pay for your insurance.) So when fraud is committed the cost you pay for your insurance increases. Let’s say it together: The cost of fraud is directly passed onto you.

Renaissance is built on 140+ combined years of shared honesty, transparency and ethical values. The founders of Renaissance believe in aggressively pursuing fraud charges so that the burden is not passed down to you, the policyholder.

What can we do you ask? Shine the Bat-signal and … unfortunately, Renaissance is still in negotiations to secure a superhero, but in the meantime, we take every step necessary to mitigate and penalize fraud attempts. Renaissance investigates any claim that is potentially fraudulent and pursues charges to the fullest extent against any party attempting fraud.

You can do your part too (rewarded with Renaissance Justice League membership). You can report insurance fraud by calling the Florida Department of Financial Services ‐ Fraud Division at 1 (800) 378‐0445. Ask about the anti‐fraud reward program. It’s no secret that the State of Florida rewards people who provide key information that leads directly to arrests and convictions. Did we tell you that you may be eligible for a REWARD? Or you can report fraud directly to our company at (866) 784-2281 and yes the tip can be anonymous.

Rewards & Loyalty

Renaissance offers various discounts to deliver better value.

Good Driver Discounts – you should be rewarded for your impeccable driving skills.

Renewal Discount – Hey we like you too!! We’re interested in a long term relationship like to celebrate our anniversaries with our policyholders with a renewal discount gift!

Renaissance believes that there are services that should come at no cost to you. We are proud to automatically include Roadside Assistance with every auto policy at no additional charge. Things happen and we’d like for you to be taken care of when you get a flat tire or are stuck on the side of road.

In those moments, checking to see if your policy includes Roadside Assistance is the last thing you should be concerned about. Call the Roadside Assistance number provided with your policy, turn on some tunes and know that rescue is on its way!