Redefining the Insurance Industry

We offer comprehensive auto insurance options combined with
the latest technology to save you time and money

Auto Insurance For People Like You

Renaissance Managing General Agency LLC

Renaissance Managing General Agency, LLC, was established in 2015 in Miami. We’re here to redefine the insurance industry and combine the insurance experts with a carefully curated pool of talent and offer exceptional services.

Our primary goal is to make the concept of insurance very easy for customers to understand. People think buying auto insurance is costly and distressing, but Renaissance Managing General Agency LLC simplified the whole procedure.

Many parts of the insurance sector have struggled to evolve since 1970, but with our 140 years of practice combined with the latest technology, we create an extraordinary customer experience, which saves you time and money.

Why Renaissance?

Car insurance is essential, and Renaissance Managing General Agency LLC offers you comprehensive coverage options to suit your needs and works with you accordingly.

The technology we provide makes it very easy for you to work with us and understand the whole claim procedure. You can always connect with us via email, text, call, or use social media.

Renaissance Managing General Agency LLC

We Solemnly Swear To:

  • Speak plainly and truthfully
  • Operate from a position of integrity
  • Serve fully to give you what you need
  • Provide excellent value and peace of mind
  • Create an experience you don’t dread— but one we secretly hope you love
  • Build a strong, socially responsible community

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